LIVE From Home


2nd USA Coast to Coast Music Fest 

May 23th 6:30 PM Central Time

Emily Cole LIVE from home May 13th 7 PM



UTSA Underground 

LIVESTREAMED Music Fest 2020

May 9th 2020 4-9pm Central Time 



May 3

The Unknown Soldiers take brownie deep into the murky waters with their tremendous numba "perro cafe" and perform live for us their new single Coronavirus. Episode in memory of my great aunt and all the people that perished during the pandemix . Much love and music to all. R.I.P. Tia, I love you. - DJ Pyramid

Coast to Coast LIVE USA Cyber Fest # 1 

 FT. JSanti (Florida), Leah Tash (New York), New Moon Acoustic Blues (New York), Kendra and the Bunnies (Los Angeles), Babyllon (New York)

May 2

Our first Coast to Coast LIVE Cyber Music Fest  ft JSanti live from Florida  Leah Tash Live from New York New Moon Acoustic Blues Live from New York, Kendra and the Bunnies Live from Los Angeles and the curator of this Strings for Hope event Babyllon Live from New York. Thank you all for helping us  UNITE. 

Saturday Nite Shockers

April 24, 2020

SNS talks to us about their new music and give us an update on their newest singles


April 24, 2020

ILA MINORI Talks about LIVE streaming setup and tech solutions we are working on to improve the stream quality, while taking us trough a deep voyage to Italy and back with her music. 


April 24, 2020

D'Angelo sings some original songs showcasing his tremendous voice and talks about how online school through these pandemic times. 


April 22, 2020

LandoTime's concert from a San Antonio studio with a USB mixer gives us a peek into the future of LIVE from home streaming.

UTSA Underground

April 21, 2020

UTSA MOB joins us LIVE to 

talk about their upcoming Virtual

event MAY 4th - 9th  Stay tuned working out a way to LIVE stream it here!

The Roaches

April 17, 2020

The Roaches play some relaxing tunes from their couch and talk to us about "bending music"

Zander Burns

April 12, 2020

Zander performs LIVE from his garage. Plays some chill tunes and happy birthday in quarantune mode. 

Carrie Asher

April 11, 2020

San Antonio's hopelessly romantic feisty folkster Carrie gives insight on how to keep calm in these difficult times from home.

Josh Glenn Experiment

April 8, 2020

Josh shows us his tremendous musical experiment LIVE from home. He dedicates a song to first responders & offers free music this month.


Pre-Pandemic LIVE from KSYM past streams


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